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The UNM Testing Center uses Accuplacer, a computer adaptive test for students who have never taken an ACT exam or students who want to challenge their ACT/SAT score(s). Results with placement recommendations are printed immediately after completion of the test(s). Students may take a math, reading and/or English placement test(s) to "place out" of introductory studies classes. These tests are for placement only, not for course credits.  The mathematics and English departments use the highest scores for placement.  Contact the Testing Center, located at the Continuing Education Building- room 226, at 277-5346 for additional information.


There is a $5.00 fee (cash or check only) for taking each Accuplacer test.  Testing fees must be paid at the Testing Center.  All fees are non-refundable.  Exact change is preferred.

Test Dates:

  • For spring semester testing is offered November-January.
  • For summer/fall semesters testing is offered Mid April-August.
  • No appointment is needed.
  • Testing hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm (Some exceptions may apply based on availability and/or staffing).
  • All testing must be done before the semester begins.



  •  A student may retake the English and/or the Reading test two (2) times.
  • A student may retake the Math test four (4) times.
  • The English test can be taken three (3) times during each registration period. 
  • Retesting must be done before the semester begins and before starting a Math, English or Reading sequence. 

Additional Information:

  • Students may only take the placement test(s) once per day. 
  • You must have a current photo ID and your UNM student ID number to test.
  • Personal calculators are not allowed but an onscreen calculator (basic and scientific) will be provided from within the exam when needed.
  • Sample test questions can be viewed online at Accuplacer.
  • Additional Accuplacer Placement Testing information.